Getting Started with Pinterest

In our last monthly letter, we promised a post about Pinterest but never published it. Whoops! 

We recently wrote to our clients and friends about how to use Pinterest for home renovation or construction projects—because it’s a great way to discover, collect, and save information about fixtures, colors, furnishings, etc.—but we know that not everyone uses this social network. Here are a few how-tos for newbies:

  • We like the set of tutorials from GCF Learn Free, shown above, because it includes video clips. What better way to learn a visual medium then through visual demonstrations? Some of the videos come straight from Pinterest’s own help section, like the longer introduction on “What is Pinterest?,” while others are short clips that loop continuously.
  • For more detailed instructions, try this set of tutorials from TechBoomers, which really breaks everything down step-by-step.
  • Once you have your account set up and have gotten comfortable using the interface, you can start learning new settings and skills, like those described in Gizmodo’s post 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Pinterest Master.
  • You can also start googling for more tailored guides, like ones geared toward particular uses (travel, health & wellness, genealogy, and of course home renovation) or particular types of users (educators, crafters, parents, business owners, etc.).

Happy pinning!