Curbed Goes Myth Busting


The Curbed Handbook includes a new and very helpful rundown, 11 Renovation Myths by Mary Jo Bowling.  The best line in it belongs to Dale Conant of Atlanta Design & Build when he says the home renovation process is like childbirth: “the pain fades in time.” Here are the myths they call out:

  • Myth #1: Remodeling is Easy
  • Myth #2: Remodeling is Inexpensive
  • Myth #3: You Can Do It Yourself
  • Myth #4: The Low Bid is the Best Value
  • Myth #5: Products That Look the Same, Are the Same
  • Myth #6: Remodels Always Take Longer Then Planned
  • Myth #7: Remodels Always Cost More Than Bid
  • Myth #8: Good Planning Can Outwit Surprise
  • Myth #9: You Can Make It Up As You Go Along
  • Myth #10: Fancy Trappings Make a Good Contractor
  • Myth #11: You Will Be Bitter When It’s Over

Click through for the full text. Are there any myths you would add to this list?