Energy Fixer Series from PGE


How many of you actually read the inserts in your utility bills? Probably not many, but we often find at least one item of interest in each mailing. For example, this year PGE is publishing an “Energy Fixer” series in their Update newsletter and on their website:

Sarah, a PGE employee and mother of two, recently purchased a 1,500 square-foot, all-electric ranch house built in 1960 that retained much of its original style — along with many outdated energy features. We’ll check in throughout 2015 as she works to shape up her new home and get it energy fit. We’ll also share ideas that you can use to shape up your home.

So far, Sarah has done some research and completed Energy Trust’s online home assessment questionnaire. (Past installments of the series are available on the Energy Fixer page—just look in the right-hand sidebar.) This month, she’ll be conducting in-depth home energy assessment and blower-door test to pinpoint where she needs to seal air leaks and add insulation.

Follow along for some easy lessons in home energy use.

(For those of you who use natural gas and get it from NW Natural, they offer an assessment tool called Energy Analyzer; you must be logged into your account to use it. Pacific Power provides online energy calculators.)