Planning Summer Travel


This month’s client letter include tips on travel deals — like you can find through social coupon sites or wholesale clubs — but what if you just want to hop in your car and go? Here are a few sites that can help you find or create an itinerary:

  • Travel Oregon’s Trip Ideas: Oregon’s tourism bureau has great ideas for itineraries, scenic byways, points of interest, and seasonal attractions.
  • Roadtrippers: Apart from stories and guides, this site has an interactive map that lets you highlight features (accommodations, nature, shopping, food, etc.) between home and your destination. The image above shows part of the route from Portland to Spokane with hiking spots and monuments highlighted.
  • Nerdy Day Trips: Does just what it says on the label. The site originates in and defaults to the UK, so search for Portland to see a local map of nerdy excursions, most submitted by fellow site users.
  • Drives of a Lifetime: This National Geographic tome is on the shelves at Multnomah County Library, and the British Columbia road trip sounds wonderful.
  • Travefy: There are plenty of apps out there to coordinate group travel, but this is one we’ve heard recommended. If you have another suggestion, leave it in the comments.

Safe journey!

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