Displaying Art

galleryIs this true for you? Spring’s arrival makes you feel like changing your clothing, your pantry, your exercise routine, your home — everything!

Sometimes you shouldn’t listen to that urge (no, really, don’t throw your entire winter wardrobe on a big bonfire), but other cravings are worth satisfying. For example, one quick change that will make a big impact at home is relocating or adding artwork.

Sunset magazine has a home decorating guide, “15 Fresh Ways to Display Your Art,” full of bright ideas.

Last year, Bridget Otto of the Oregonian shared some great advice about choosing and displaying art from the director of the annual Affordable Art Fair.*

Decorator and designer Lauren Liess has described how sketching can give you the feel of a particular art arrangement, an intuitive plan rather than a prescriptive grid.

If you need new artwork to display, maybe one of these sources will help?

Of course, there are plenty of local artists and shopping opportunities, too, including weekly fairs like the Saturday Market; annual or seasonal art shows such as the Art in the Pearl, Buckman Art Show & Sale, Crafty Wonderland’s Colossal Sales, and the Audubon Society of Portland’s Wild Arts Festival; and shops too numerous to name.

* This year’s dates have not yet been announced, but last year the Seattle leg of the fair took place in November. Sign up for their mailing list, if you want to stay in the loop.

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