Helpful Details

Last summer, one of our monthly letters included information about a favorite new discovery: electrical wall sockets with built-in USB charging ports. So many things come with USB cords these days, particularly the types of gadgets that show up during the holidays — smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, you name it. We discovered these combination receptacles at Platt Electric, but they are also available from other retailers.

Now, Remodelista shines a spotlight on these ‘hardworking’ switch plates from Walhub. The plates feature integrated key hooks and/or storage pockets. They have models for single and double switches (whether toggle or rocker) and can be oriented to the right or the left.


Electrical sockets and switch plates may not immediately spring to mind when you’re imagining home improvements, but, as you can see, sometimes a small detail can make a huge difference.

Image: walhub / Upwell Products

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